In post-apocalyptic cities, heroes fight for survival against, mutated beings.
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 Treeroot's Engineer

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PostSubject: Treeroot's Engineer   Treeroot's Engineer EmptyThu Sep 03, 2009 1:42 am

Name: Jason Woodstone

Call-Sign: Treeroot or Woodstone

Home-Town: Canada, Ottawa

Profession: Engineer

History: Before he was an Engineer Jason cut down trees and sold the wood, until his hand was crushed by a tree root hence the nickname. Alfter his hand was replaced with a robotic one he began geting interested in engines and picked up every junky car and truck he could find. He's very good at fixing things, and the reason he stays with the group is because he wants to find the plans to Tulku's tank, his truck looks like a bom.

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continue your history because it just stops.
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Treeroot's Engineer
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